Are you hoping to learn more about Islam and to make Islam a daily habit and a routine for your life not just a belief or an outer appearance?? Then, you have found the perfect place to help you reach what you desire.

Why us?

                 Simply, because we aren’t here just to tell you about Islam as a general picture or just about prayer and fasting. We are here to let Islam run in your blood and make every action you do count. We are here to let your every action and your everyday habits an act of worship. We are here to let your life circle around Islam, rather than Islam being a separated part of your life. We are here to help you and ourselves practice Islam in our daily life without adding much effort.

                 While some might think that Islam is only performed in the Masjid, we are here to tell you that Islam is a way of life. It’s a complete religion for every part of your life in any place, any generation and any person. It’s the only religion that takes into account every single detail in life, no matter how small or tiny it may seem. Islam always considers it!!! It tells you how to act in the best and most decent matter in every simple or complicated detail of life.

              Imagine being a better Muslim, a better Muslim by following the Islam’s orders.  This would lead to attracting more people to learn about that religion that has made you this great person everyone looks up to. A world with more Muslims, who know the true Islam, would be the world everyone dreams of. So here we want you to be that better Muslim. We want you to be the best example of Islam to let people know that what they see in the media isn’t the real Islam. How you act should be an example for the real Islam.

          Who are we?

                 We are a group of Sunnah Muslims, who want to spread Islam and its true beliefs to the largest number of people to let them enjoy their lives to the fullest, to let Islam enlighten their lives. We want to do something for the religion that has made our lives more peaceful, relaxing, spiritual and meaningful, the religion that has given us a purpose to live and go on happily in life with all its ups and downs. We want to share these feelings with the world.