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Hadith of the Week: Best of Character

Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him said “the best of the believers are those with the best of character”. In another narrations, “the believer who has the most perfect faith is the one who has the best of character”

 Abu Hurayrah also quoted Prophet Muhammad saying that. “Indeed amongst the believers who are perfect in faith are those who are best in character”.

Jaabir bin Abdillaahm quoted Prophet Muhammad saying that “Indeed the one who is dearest to me and most lovable to me in place of sitting with me on the Day of Judgement is those who are the best in character.”

Usamah Bin Shurayk narrated that people asked Prophet Muhammad “O Messenger of Allaah, who is the most beloved servant of Allaah? “ And he replied, the one who is best in character.”

What is The Best of Character?

Prophet Muhammad said “Righteousness is good character. read how to be a preacher with your actions

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