The best of Deeds

Hadith of the Week: The Best of Deeds

When the prophet was asked about the best of deeds, he answered: “The best of deeds is faith in Allah alone. Then jihad, then hajj accepted by Allah, the superiority of which is like what is between the rising and the setting of the sun in relationship to the rest of deeds.”

In another narration by Amr Ibn Al Aas in which he said. “A man came and asked the Messenger of Allah “What is the best of actions?” And then he narrated it. He said, “Belief in Allah, jihaad in the path of Allah, and an accepted hajj.”

And then the man asked, “You have mentioned a lot of things Oh Messenger of Allah.” The Prophet Muhammad went on to say, “soft speech, giving generously, tolerance and good manners”, then the man said, “Can you just give me one word please?” The Prophet Muhammad had said, “Go and do not blame Allah for your plight.”

What are the Muslim Manners after reviewing the best of deeds:

Muslims are known for their gentle speech. Not being harsh to people, read 6 ways to control your tongue. Muslims are known for their generosity and sharing food with others. Even that simple act has a great impact on people who come from societies where people do not share. Sharing is not a part of their culture. Also Prophet Muhammad went on to mention tolerance and good manners. Read also how to be a preacher with your actions, why a Muslim should forgive others, why a Muslim should be truthful and excuse others.

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