Eid Activities for kids

10 Eid Activities for Kids that will help you in celebrating Eidul Fitr

Eidul Fitr comes at the end of our blessed month Ramadan.  On this day we feel happy for the health, strength and the chances, which Allah has given to us to fulfill our obligation of fasting and other good deeds during Ramadan. We mentioned before Sunnan of Eidul Fitr for adults. But Eid activities that kids can do.

My son is three years old now so I really wanted to create a little tradition to help him enjoy the Eid. I will share it with you.

So let’s make this Eid very special and different for our kids, lets prepare for our Eid celebrations with having more fun tips with them and lets teach them lots of morals through celebrating it.

  1. View the new moon:

Make a family gathering to spot the new moon, learn more about the lunar system and how the Crescent Observer’s Society goes to sight the new moon for the start of each lunar month.

You can print the lunar system and hang it in their rooms to ease the explanation and have more fun!

  1. Home decorations:

Let’s start by decorating our homes inside out to prepare for our celebrations.

Our houses should be clean, smell fresh, and have new or clean curtains and beddings.

Make some crafts with your children and put up lots of balloons, banners and lovely Eid decorations. (Check Pinterest for dozens of ideas and free printables).

We should not forget also to prepare for their presents and their Eidie. The tradition of Eidie is any amount of money that is given to the children during this festival for enjoyment and forgiveness.

  1. Prepare gifts with your kids:

Make a tradition with your kids to prepare gifts for their friends, relatives and neighbors even by giving them simple Eid cards or make some cookies for them.

  1. Give some charity:

Teach your kids about giving, encourage them to share their clothes and toys with other children and get them show kindness, generosity and also to think about someone other than themselves.

  1. Prepare for family gatherings:

Eid is the best occasion to meet your relatives and ask about them.

For example, prepare for a gathering at your home and encourage your kids to prepare decorations, gifts and food for their family.

And now let’s check how to teach them the Eid Furod and Sunnan of our Prophet Muhammad-peace and blessings be upon him-

  1. Introduce the concept of zakatul Fitr to your kids:

Make them learn that during Eidul Fitr we usually give a special gift of money to charity. The gift or zakatul Fitr is collected and given to Muslims who are poor or in need.

  1. Make them recite the Eid Takbir:

The last Maghrib of the last day of the blessed month of Ramadan is the start of reciting Takbir till the Eid Prayer.

Help our kids to follow the Sunnah and keep their heart reciting Takbir before their mouths: “Allaho-Akber, Allaho-Akber. La ila-ha ill-lal-lah. Allaho-Akber, Allaho-Akber. Wa-lilahill hamd.” (Allah is great, Allah is great. There is no god but Allah. Allah is great, Allah is great. And all praises are for Allah).

  1. Help them to wake up early for Fajr:

Prepare a special unique breakfast for them that is full of dates and sweets.

Make them feel the new day and the starting of the celebrations.

  1. Ghusl:

Let them know that it is a sunnah to make ghusl (shower). And wear their best clothes on the day of Eid

Make your kids prepare their new or best clean clothes the night before salatul Eid.

  1. Go to the prayer early:

Make them go to prayer ground early. Use two separate route to and from the prayer ground and make them feel like they are different and better after performing their prayer.

Hope these tips help each one of us to make our Eid more fun and enjoyable for our kids.

Have a happy and blessed Eid 🙂

I would love to read your Eid experiences with your little ones

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