A hadith about the reward of Dawah

Hadith of the Week: A hadith on the reward Dawah

The Prophet peace be upon him said to ‘Ali (May Allah be pleased with him). “By Allah, if a single person is guided by Allah through you (dawah). it will be better for you than a whole lot of red camels.”

This hadith summaries the great reward of Dawah (inviting people to Islam). And it is not surprising that this is the mission of all the prophets.

Dawah is an obligation on every single Muslim according to his ability. as we mentioned previously in how to be a preacher with your actions. Being preacher by acting according the boundaries of Islam is a great way of teaching people about Islam. People are affected by actions more than words.

Tell us what you think about the best way of Dawah. Stay tuned for next week with another hadith.

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