Hamza Ibn Abdul Muttalib Conversion to Islam

How Did Hamza The Uncle of The Prophet Come to Islam?

During the first years of Dawah in Makkah, Muslims were going through a lot of torturing and harassment by Kuffar Quraish [the disbelievers of Quraish]. That’s why they were encouraged to migrate to Abyssinia where they could worship Allah openly without fear. After the Muslims’ second migration to Abyssinia, two major conversions took place which caused a major factor of safety to Muslims. Umar Ibn Al-Khattab [check the upcoming article] and Hamza ibn Abdul Muttalib which we’ll talk about today.

Hamza ibn Abdul Muttalib was prophet Muhammad’s uncle and a milk brother. Both were close in age, raised as brothers and friends. He was a widely-respected man, a great warrior, swordsman and hunter.

The story of Hamza’s conversion is one of the weirdest stories.

One day, Rasulullah [Salla Allahu Alyhe Wa Sallam] was in Makkah close to mountain of saffa and he met Abu Jahl. Abu Jahl was in a bad mood that day for some reason!

He began to curse the prophet and his ancestors and insult him as he has never done before.

The prophet [Salla Allahu Alyhe Wa Sallam] remained silent in return, he did not utter a single word back, until Abu Jahl got tired and went on his way. The women of Banu Hashim [the prophet’s tribe] got extremely insulted; ”how dare he insults our tribe, who is this man to curse our fathers ..etc”. There was no man from  Banu Hashim close by.

Hamza was on a hunting trip, when he returned, they informed him of this incident. The women started toning him up (what kind of an uncle are you, your nephew got insulted with no one to defend him).

Basically, it was a matter of a family honour for them not a matter of Islam!

They narrated everything that happened to Hamza and how no one stood to defend one of the family members [where’s the honour of the family if it can be insulted that easily].

Hamza got agitated, he asked if this was a public insult, they replied that all  of Makkah saw it. It became a matter of pride to him.

What was Hamza’s reaction?

He rushed to Abu Jahl at the Ka’ba, still with his equipments. He smacked him on his face with his bow which caused a huge gush of blood to come out and he said:” How dare you curse my nephew while I too am a follower of his religion!”. Hamza didn’t plan this, it was obvious to himself that this came out of pride, he was surprised at his own words.

When Abu Jahl was hit like this, The Banu Makhzum [his tribe] stood to defend him, He stopped them saying “Leave him, as I cursed his nephew today like I never did before”.

Hamza’s decision regarding the situation:

Hamza returned home then. Confused at his own situation. Thinking “What am I going to  do now? – I didn’t plan to embrace Islam now nor did I plan to announce that”. He thus made a Du’aa [prayer] to Allah :” O Allah, you know that I’m one of the leaders of Quraish and I’ve said something that I cannot take back, so  if this is true then put the truth into my heart and make me firm and if it is not, then Allah give me a way out”. Then he spent one of the most restless nights in his life thinking about what to do.

The next morning, Hamza went to the prophet [Salla Allahu Alyhe Wa Sallam] and narrated to him what had  happened, asking his advice. The prophet stood and started explaining Islam to him and convincing him until Hamza finally took the Shahadah. He said:” I testify that you are a truthful person and you’re speaking the truth. And now I don’t ever wanna return to paganism the religion of my forefathers.”

Hamza Found himself in a critical situation where he needed to a quick decision, he made Du’aa to Allah and prayed for his guidance. Allah caused his guidance when he listened to prophet Muhammad and was convinced that Islam is the religion of truth.

A great lesson  from Hamza ibn Abdul Muttalib story:

And here’s a great lesson; Allah always gives us chances to come closer to him, to revert to the straight path. Don’t ever lose your chance. Hold onto it because you’ll never know when will be your next one. Allah gave Hamza a chance when he made him utter those words. And Hamza chose the correct path.

Hamza, after a great journey in Islam, became “saiyed Al-Shuhada” [the leader of martyrs] as he died in the battle of Ahud.

Hamza’s accepting islam was a big boost to the prophet as he finally found a great supporter to him in Makkah, one of the elders of Quraish. The Quraish men had to tone down their irritation to the prophet.

That was the story of Today. Please let me know what lessons have you learnt from the story of Hamza ibn Abdul Muttalib in the comments section.

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