How to be a preacher with your actions?

How to be a preacher with your actions?

Dawah (preach) means to invite non-Muslims to Islam or to invite non-practicing Muslims to practice Islam. Dawah is also the mission of all prophets that Allah has sent. “We sent a messenger to every community saying worship God and shun false gods” [Al-Nahl 36]. Every Muslim should be a preacher in his small community,why?

Why we –Muslims- should be preacher to people around us in our small community?

If each and every one of us starts teaching people in his community about Islam, we will change this world.

  1. If we do anything with the intention of Dawah, this will give us the power to keep doing it as we will have an objective.
  1. We will have thawab (reward) when anybody follows our deeds whenever he does it.
  1. The false idea about Islam will be changed as everyone dealing with a Muslim will know the reality of Islam.
  1. Islam will spread and Muslims will hold firm on Islam.

Dawah is one of the duties of Islam “Those who believe, men and women, befriend one another, and enjoin what is right and prohibit what is wrong. They observe their devotional obligations, pay zakat, and obey God and his Apostle. God will be merciful to them, for god is all-mighty and all-wise” [Al-Tawba 71].

That’s why it’s an obligation to make the dawah that is in our capability.

A way to preach people, which is easy and always in our capability, is our attitude.

Smiling at your colleagues face when you greet him in the morning is a way of Dawah as it is an Islamic teaching, the prophet peace be upon him said: “when you smile to your brother’s face, it is charity”.

Being punctual is a way of Dawah too. When we deal with someone and he is punctual we know he is a decent guy. So being punctual will give people a good impression about you. Besides it is an Islamic teaching as timing in Islam is very important. You can’t pray before the prayer time by one minute or after it by one minute. You can’t eat during fasting before Maghreb by one minute and you can eat after Maghreb. Punctuality is an Islamic teaching.

Judging with justice between people whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims is an Islamic teaching: “God enjoins that you render to the owners what is held in trust with you, and that when you judge among the people do so equitably. Noble are the counsels of God, and God hears all and sees everything” [Al-Nisaa 58].

Being truthful, forgiving others and controlling your tongue is also a way of Dawah

Last but not least, we should follow the Sunnah to help people know about Islam. Besides doing it because it is a Sunnah. Make your intention in everything you do to give a good impression about Muslims. Think before you do anything about Allah. Be aware that Allah is watching you, and if you did something that gives a bad image about Islam, you made a continuous sin. We should try to be presentable Muslims to give people a good impression about Islam. Comment an action that you see it is a way to change the Islam image without speaking.

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