No one will enter paradise in whose hear a mustard-seed of pride

Sound Heart: Pride in Islam, What is it and How to Treat it?

Have you ever wondered why Allah forgave Adam while Iblis is cursed till the Day of Judgment? For us to answer this question, we need to go back in history. Way back in history to the time when the first human was created, Nabi Adam. Here is how it all started…

When Allah created Adam and gave him the shape of a human being, He ordered His angels to prostrate to Adam. They all followed Allah’s orders and prostrated except Iblis, who refused to be of the prostrators. Iblis said to Allah: I will not prostrate to him, I am better than him. Allah cursed him to the Day of Judgement saying: “get down from this (paradise), it is not for you to arrogant here” [Al- A’raf  8:13].

Pride or arrogance is the sin of Iblis. For this, Iblis started to whisper suggestions to Adam and Hawaa to eat from the forbidden tree saying: “verily I am one of the sincere well wishers for you” [Al- A’raf 8 :21]. Iblis misled them and they tasted of the forbidden tree.

Remember, It was pride that deprived Iblis from wide mercy of Allah. Even though both of Adam and Iblis committed sins, yet Adam and Hawaa admitted their sin. They regretted and repented to Allah asking Him for His forgiveness: “They said our lord! We  have wronged ourselves. If you forgive us not, and bestow not upon us your Mercy, we shall be of the losers” [Al A’raf 8:23].

So Allah accept their repentance and forgive them: “Then his lord chose him, and turn him with forgiveness, and give him guidance” [Taha 16:122]. In contrast of Iblis’s doings, who determined on his pride against Allah. So Allah cursed him till the Day of Judgement.

For this, Allah makes it clear that pride is a sin by saying “truly He likes not the poured” [An-Nahl 14:23] and the prophet said: “who has in his heart a weight  of an atom of pride shall not enter paradise” [ Muslim]. This is why it’s important to know the meaning of pride in Islam and what type of  pride that Islam urges us to avoid.

The Prophet explained the meaning of pride when he said: “Pride is to disdain the truth (out of self-conceit) and contempt people.” [Muslim]. Pride is to feel with superiority and see yourself  above others due to the perfect and attributes that you believe to have.

A proud and arrogant person regards himself better and superior to others. He adopts the conduct of Iblis when he said: “I am better than him. I  have been created of fire but Adam has been created of earth”.

So, we can conclude that, pride is to consider yourself as greater than others inwardly while arrogance is to show this consideration of greatness by acts.

What are the consequences of Pride:

After knowing that pride is considered as a sin in Islam. It’s important to know why it’s a sin and what are the consequences of being proud. Obviously, a proud person suffers from a great loss both in the life and in the hereafter.

In terms the loss in the hereafter; depriving from Paradise because pride prevents him from acquiring the qualities of the believers. Pride also leads one to lose the favor of Allah “He does not like the arrogant” [ An-Nahl 14:23]. And so Allah will turn them away from his signs “I will turn away from my signs who are arrogant upon the earth without right2 [ Al-A’raf 9:146]. Their hearts and eyes will be blindfolded by Allah. So that they can not see guidance even if it strikes them in the face. Causing them not to enter paradise as the prophet said “He who has, in his heart, an atom weight of pride, will not enter Paradise” . The prophet named them the most evil people. He said: “Shall I inform you about the most evil person: they comprise of the repulsive and the proud.”

In addition, the prideful one is hated by people as he determines to show his perfect qualities through his arrogant words and prideful acts. He always despises others acts and qualities so he is faced by hate.

Pride is that which prevents man from benefiting from knowledge, accepting the truth and complying with it.

Kinds of the pride:

In order to avoid pride, we first need to find out its different types. Pride comes on three kinds, they are as follows :

1. Pride on Allah; it is the greatest kind of pride. Allah narrates within the Holy Quran stories of prideful people who lost their life and hereafter because of their pride to believe in Allah.  Allah tortured  them and poured His anger on them .

2-Pride on the prophet Mohammed; it is no less important than the first one despite the first is the greatest.

3-Pride on the people; to contempt others and show how he is better than his  counterparts. This kind includes showing how he is the best one. Who has more money, many friends, the most beautiful one (especially among women).

Some qualities of prideful people:

1- They love to give advice every chance they get but never want to accept any. They don’t believe that they ever require it.

2-They talk down to others; they always speak to everybody as if they know more about any given topic. This is because they think they know more about any given topic than anyone else.

3- They consider requiring help or advice as a sign of weakness. They refuse any offer of advice or help under any circumstances when they gravely need it.

4- They love hearing themselves talk, but not so much anyone else. You will find it is difficult to successfully complete a sentence during one-sided conversation with them. Why should they let you complete a sentence while they know whatever you will say could not be important anyway?

5- They love to hear people praise them and talk good about them and their accomplishments.

Cure for Pride:

If one is afflicted with pride, what should he do to keep away?

The remedy is very simple when you remember that

1. Pride and Greatness are attributes of only Allah . The prophet said: “Allah SWT said: pride is my cloak and greatness is my garment. So whoever competes with me regarding these two will be thrown into the Hellfire”.[sunan abo Dawad]

2. You are  just a human being with a mother and father as everyone else. Allah says “He has created man from Nutfah (mixed drops of male and female sexual discharge) then behold this man becomes an open opponent”. [surat An Nahl 14:4]

3. The bad sequence of pride; as the prophet said “The Fire complained saying: ‘I am the dwelling of the arrogant and the tyrants’.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

4. Pride is a reason for downfall and failure ; Allah says “and not be like those who come out of their homes boastfully and to be seen of men” [ Al-Anfal 10:47]. This ayah has been revealed in Badr battle

5. Modesty is a cause of glory, superiority and sovereignty, the prophet Muhammed said: “one who displays humbleness towards another seeking the pleasure of Allah, Allah exalts him in ranks”. [sahih Muslim]

As a true Muslim, we should try very hard to banish pride and arrogance from our lives and replace them with kindness, compassion and modesty.

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