Tips in Revising Quran

5 Things you need to know about Revising Quran

Have you started memorizing Quran and now you wonder how to revise the memorized part and memorize the new part? Or have you already finished memorizing Quran and you don’t know how to start revising Quran? These things you need to know about revising

First we will define some terms:

  • The Quran consists of 30 Juz’
  • Each Juz’ is divided into 8 rob’
  • Hizb: half a juz’ or 4 rob’

Werd: it is the part that you decide that you will read it every day.

1. Revising Quran is way more important than memorizing:

Revising Quran is more important than memorizing. If you memorized Quran without revising you will forget. When you memorize a part, it is stored in your near memory but when you repeat it in revision, it moves to your far memory where it can stay for a longer time. If it stayed in the near memory it will vaporize in a couple of days.

2. Revising Quran Journey starts with memorizing Quran Journey.

Not all people know that revising should start once you start memorizing. You can’t wait till you memorize a large part to start memorizing. Because at that point you will find that you are starting memorizing from the beginning. What should be done is to memorize the part and start revising it the next day. Keep repeating it every day until it is stuck to your memory. And when you take a new part, read the two parts every day.

3. There are two methods in Revising Quran:

The first method is repeating: And when I say repeating I don’t mean repeating it couple of times or repeating it for couple of days. I mean specifying a werd (number of rob’s or juz’s to recite every day). This werd is a large part that you read every day.

For example: if you memorize 10 juz’. Every day you read 2 juz’. So you will repeat the 10 juz’ on 5 days. And start again.

If you memorize 4 juz’. Read a juz’ every day. So you will repeat the 4 juz’ on 4 days.

You will find with time That it is stuck to your head. When I say “with time” I mean months for the beginners and may be years for the advanced.

 the freshly memorized part (last rob’ or 2) every day. And all the memorized portion of the Quran on two weeks if it is more than seven juz’. If it is less, revising everything shouldn’t take longer than a week. And if you still in the beginning like half a juz’ revise it every day.

  • Less than a juz’: repeat it every day. It is the same as the freshly memorized part
  • from juz’ to seven juz’: read half a juz’ every day or divide it on seven days. Plus repeating the freshly memorized portion every day.
  • More than seven juz’: divide it on no more than 14 days. Plus repeating the freshly memorized portion every day.

Why I prefer this way?

  • You don’t spend plenty of time revising every day.
  • When it is stuck to your head, you will find that you are able to recite easily without thinking.
  • The circulation of the memorized part is fast. You will not have time to forget what you have memorized.

The second method, to focus on a small part in revision. Repeat it for some days until you are able to recite it with no mistakes and then focus on another part for some days and leave the first part and so on. Until you finish all the juz’s and then you start again focusing on the first part. I don’t like this way.


  • Needs someone with strong memory, I am not one of them.
  • Time consuming especially for busy people.
  • Since you are focusing on small part. The circulation of the memorized part is slow. So when you return to the first part after a month or so, you will find that you have forgotten it and you are starting from the beginning.

4. Setting a time table is very important while revising Quran:

Set a Schedule and work according to it. You have three parts:

  • New Part: which you will memorize for the class
  • Freshly memorized part: the last rob’ to the last juz’ that you finished memorizing. Depends on your memorization skills.
  • Memorized part: the rest of the Quran that you memorized before.

1st: you have to specify each part.

2nd: the freshly memorized and the new part should be repeated every day.

3rd: how much time do you have for revising every day and according to that divide the memorized part on the days. Don’t exceed 7 days if you memorize less than 7 juz’. And don’t exceed 14 days for the whole Quran (30 Juz’).

 If the freshly memorized part is large, divide the whole Quran that you have memorized on 3. The first 2/3 (the ones that you are memorizing well) you will take a portion and from the last 1/3 (the freshly memorized part) you will take the same portion. When you finish the first 2/3 one time, you will finish the 1/3 twice.

For example: If you memorized half of the Quran 15 Juz’, divide by 3, it is 5. For the first 10 juz’ you will read 1 juz’ every day on ten days. And for the last 5, you will read 1 juz’ every day. So in the same 10 days you will finish it twice.

If you memorized large portion of the Quran long time ago and then you stopped, so you forgot. Combining the two methods is the key to you.

Focus on a small portion and move to the next as in the second method. But don’t leave the first portion till you finish. Repeat the first portion while you are focusing on the second. You will treat the part that you are focusing on as a new part that you memorize and the part that you finished as a freshly memorized part that needs to be repeated every day till it is more than a juz’, repeat it on seven days. And keep going and building up the portions and repeating the memorized ones until you finish all the part that you have memorized. At that point, the second method’s need is gone and you will continue with the first method.

For example: if you had memorized 8 juz’. You will focus on half of juz’ number 1 for a week until it is good, you will move the other half (new part) for another week while repeating the first half every day (freshly memorized). When you finish revising 2 juz’, you will repeat the last half every day. And divide the first juz’ and a half on 3 days. And keep building up.

5. Never stop Revising:

If for any reason, you didn’t memorize for a couple of days, don’t depress or over stress, carry on right away. Because if Quran sticks to our head like songs do. We would have memorized it once and left it for the rest of our life. But Allah wants us to repeat it so we have to repeat it. And if at any point you stopped memorizing, you will start from the beginning.

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