Sunan of Eid Ul Adha

1. Al Takbeer

Takbeer in Eid Ul Adha is different from the Takbeer of Eid Ul Fitr regarding the time of the Takbeer. There is two types of Takbeer restricted and unrestricted.

Restricted Takbeer is the Takbeer recited from the Fajr of the day of Arafat (the day before the Eid) to the Asr of the fourth day of the Eid after each prayer.

Unrestricted Takbeer is the Takbeer starting from the first day of the month of Dhul-hejjah to the fourth day of Eid, Takbeer can be recited at any time at any place in these days

The way of Takbeer is the same as Eid Ul Fitr.

2. Doing ghusl, wearing new clothes, perfuming.

3. Praying Eid.

4. Going from one route, returning from another.

5. Walking.

To know more about these previous four sunnahs, See sunan of Eid ul Fitr.

6. Sacrifices

Sacrifice is the main difference between Eid Ul Adha and Eid Ul Fitr. It is done after the Eid prayer prior to the last day of Tashreek.

It is recommended to be done right after the Eid prayer as the prophet used to do so. Al-Bara heard the Prophet peace be upon him delivering a Khutba saying, “The first thing to be done on this day (first day of Eid Ul Adha) is to pray; and after returning from the prayer we slaughter our sacrifices (in the name of Allah) and whoever does so, he acted according to our Sunnah (traditions).”

The Prophet peace be upon him went towards Al-Baqi (the graveyard at Medina) on the day of Eid Ul Adha and offered a two-rak`at prayer (of Eid Ul Adha) and then faced us and said, “On this day of ours, our first act of worship is the offering of prayer and then we will return and slaughter the sacrifice, and whoever does this concords with our Sunnah; and whoever slaughtered his sacrifice before that (i.e. before the prayer) then that was a thing which he prepared earlier for his family and it would not be considered as a Nusuk (sacrifice.)” A man stood up and said, “O, Allah’s Messenger! I slaughtered (the animal before the prayer) but I have a young she-goat which is better than an older sheep.” The Prophet peace be upon him said to him, “Slaughter it. But a similar sacrifice will not be sufficient for anybody else after you.”

7. Eating breakfast after sacrificing and eating from the Udheya

The prophet peace be upon him used to eat breakfast after sacrificing and used to eat it from the Udheya. If you can’t do that as it is sometimes difficult to sacrifice right after the Eid prayer (that is why there are four days to sacrifice), eat breakfast after Eid prayer and when you sacrifice eat from your Udheya. Eating from the Udheya is a sunnah as well as eating after Eid prayer.

When we stop celebrating Eid as the prophet told us, we will find ourselves celebrating the non Muslims festivals instead which is not permissible.

May Allah’s blessings be showered on you on this Eid, Eid Fitr Mubarak everyone.

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